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Cooper Sterling
Vice President, Business Development

Motto: Put Your Customer’s Interests First.”  

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Bradley University in 1993. I currently hold the position of Vice President, overseeing various aspects within the company. While I previously managed the ECS division in 2012, my primary focus now lies in Business Development.

What is truly captivating about this industry and the reason I’m still involved is the perpetual pursuit of enhancement, even in seemingly straightforward tasks such as laying white planks into the ground. The relentless drive to refine processes, increase efficiency, and enhance safety yields gratifying results. Despite the advancements made, there remains an abundance of opportunities for further improvement. This aspect of continuous improvement is what makes business exhilarating – the ability to innovate, generate ideas, and witness their implementation for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

That’s why my leadership style is to lead by example. Leading by example is paramount to effective leadership. I firmly believe in demonstrating fearlessness and a hands-on approach, willingly immersing myself in challenging situations to gain firsthand experience. By personally engaging in tasks and initiatives, I strive to form well-informed opinions and set a precedent for my team to follow.

Because of the dedication exhibited by the leadership team, I foresee significant growth within the structural division of Sterling in the coming years, with the potential to surpass the matting division. The structural market presents immense opportunities, and with our position as the largest capacity provider globally, it stands as one of Sterling’s most dynamic segments at present.

As a Vice President, one of the most rewarding aspects of my role is the opportunity to collaborate with our exceptional team and foster a positive organizational culture. Our company’s success is built upon the dedication, expertise, and passion of our employees, and witnessing their growth and achievements brings me immense joy.

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