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Gain Actionable Insights on Site Access


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Key Matting and Platform Considerations Before a Big Lift

Wed., Mar. 24, 2021 | 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM CST

With advance planning and the right equipment, you’re setting the stage for your lifts to go as planned. Join presenters Marc Marini, Director of Product Management at Sterling and Mike Walsh, President & CEO of Dearborn Companies, as they discuss what to consider when assessing a lift. Whether working from leveled or sloped ground, understanding and addressing ground conditions is critical to safe and efficient lifting. By evaluating your use of best practices, working with a site access provider, or consulting with an engineering firm, your crane operators can lift with confidence.

What You Will Learn

  • What to consider when planning for lifts
  • Capabilities of engineers in site access planning
  • What crane operators want you to know about preparing for a lift

Your Presenters

Marc Marini, Director of Product Management at Sterling

Marc joined Sterling one year ago, bringing more than 20 years of experience in construction, safety, engineering, and product development and management. As a member of Sterling’s Innovation Team, Marc plays a vital role in developing and launching new product offerings and enhancements to existing products. He received bachelor of science and master of science degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois and a master of business administration degree from Kellogg/Northwestern.

Michael T. Walsh, President & CEO, Dearborn Companies

Mike is president and CEO of the Dearborn Companies, a 67‐year old engineering and nondestructive testing firm that specializes in ground condition surveys and ground stabilization design for cranes and heavy transport. Mike serves on the board of the North American Matting association Technical Committee, and is a frequent presenter in Crane & Rigging, and Construction industry events. Mike holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering with post graduate studies in structural and geotechnical engineering.

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On-Demand Webinars

Should Your Matting Plan Include Intermediate Moves?

When planning site access, do you mat the entire site or minimize the number of mats used and move them where you need them throughout the project? During this webinar, John Capodice, Executive Vice President of Sterling, will share the key factors you should be aware of when setting the optimal site access plan. He will present two case studies that will guide you through the evaluation process used to determine each project’s best matting strategy.

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Early Phase Planning and Budgeting for Site Access

Site access planning is often not addressed until the bid phase of a project. But when you address site access at the outset of the project, you can potentially mitigate unplanned expenses. Join presenter John Slager, Account Lead at Sterling, as he presents a case study that shows how planning for easements, off-ROW access, landowner engagement, permits, and environmental concerns will reduce risk to your timeline – and your bottom line.

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Bridging the Gap: Choose the Right Bridge for Your Project

Once you’ve identified the need for temporary bridges and crossings, what are your next steps? You have many options when it comes to navigating underground utilities, water crossings, environmentally protected areas, and other obstructions. Levi Frost, Director of Construction Operations at Sterling, uses a case study to demonstrate how the right solution can save time, money, minimize environmental impact, and improve safety. From site-built bridges using traditional material to installing engineered solutions, you’ll learn about alternate methods to solve bridging and air-bridge applications.

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