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Reduce Risk during Heavy Lifts on Your Jobsite

Click here for the TerraLam 700 CLT Mat brochure.

Wind farm construction and other job sites that require ultra-heavy cranes and equipment shouldn’t risk heavy lifts with “good enough” timber mats. TerraLam 700 CLT (Cross-Laminated Timer) mats are engineered with safety of ultra-heavy equipment in mind.

Using TerraLam CLT mats minimize potential environmental damage and mitigate risk associated with movement along the mats. When a mat fails in the field, the project is significantly delayed, potential equipment damage is in the millions, and, most importantly, it puts your crew’s health and well-being in serious jeopardy. 

As an engineered product, TerraLam CLT mats have lab-verified specifications so you can do the calculations needed before heavy lift. Whether using them for walking cranes along a right-of-way on a temporary access road or creating work pads for heavy lifts and equipment staging, TerraLam CLT mats are field proven to ensure your equipment and crews are safe.

Because TerraLam uses southern yellow pine and a proprietary adhesive, the mats are easier and faster to handle along a rights-of-way. Being able to leapfrog several TerraLam mats at once allows a mobile crane to safely and quickly roll along a temporary access road. This allows you to move to the next stage in the project even faster, all while reducing your manpower and equipment hours.


Want to see TerraLam CLT mats in action? Watch as this Mantiowac MLC 650 walks along a temporary access road of TerraLam 700 mats.


We’ll help you do the math!

Because the TerraLam 700 CLT mat is an engineered and consistent product, Sterling can provide you with specifications so you can calculate the ground-bearing pressure and other calculations.
Let us help make your jobsite safer, contact Sterling today.