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Engineered for Smarter Site Access

Innovative TerraLam® mats are engineered to be lighter and more durable than traditional bolted access mats — saving up to 40% on labor and equipment with faster installation and up to 50% on freight costs.

Learn about TerraLam Solutions
Composite Mats

Minimize soil compaction, eliminate rutting and runoff, simplify cleanup, and protect existing vegetation with 100% recyclable composite mats.

Crane Mats

Available in a variety of sizes, crane mats use high-quality hardwood to ensure maximum strength, durability, and longevity under heavy equipment.

Outrigger Pads

Reinforced with steel, outrigger mats provide essential stability that increases site safety by preventing equipment from toppling.

Marine/Barge Floating Mats

Marine mats can be customized to fit your barge, with available lengths up to 40 feet. Mats made with Douglas fir will float.

Access Mats

Built from strong, high-grade timber with the option for an interlocking design, traditional bolted access mats are available in a variety of sizes.

Transition Mats

Standard and heavy-duty transition mats allow you to drive heavy equipment right up to a worksite, with flush-cut bolts for safety.