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Sterling’s timber mats for heavy equipment are made of mixed dense hardwood timbers. Built with safety in mind, these hardwood timber mats feature consistently narrow notches, countersunk nuts and flush-cut long bolts, which are cut flush to the surface of the mat. Timber Mats run up to 28 feet long and 8 feet wide. This matting solution is commonly utilized by the power, oil and gas, and construction industries.

How are Timber Mats Used?

Timber mats are used for temporary access roads, work pads, staging areas, and to stabilize the ground beneath heavy equipment, dissipating heavy loads and providing equipment stability.

For short-term water crossings over narrow spans timber mats (also referred to as bridge mats) or crane mats may be an option.

For projects that require moving heavy equipment safely across pipelines, timber mats can be used to create air bridges which will support the weight of heavy equipment while protecting the pipelines below. Air bridges can also be used to cross culverts, ditches, or sensitive ground that needs to be bridged.

For floating mats, douglas fir timber mats are the preferred matting option.

Timber Mat Specs
  • Width: 24″ to 96″
  • Timber thickness: 6”, 8” 10” or 12”
  • Length: 4′ to 28′
  • Lifting Bolts (Both Ends)
  • Wax Lumber Paint on Both Ends
  • Mixed Dense Hardwood