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TerraCross™ Portable Bridge

Fully Engineered Solution for Easier Crossings

TerraCross™ is an engineered, easy-to-deploy clear span temporary bridge for crossing waterways, ditches, underground utilities, and other obstacles. Lightweight, portable bridge  design allows for lifting and construction with a mid-size excavator or similar equipment. Steel beam construction provides a sturdier, more sustainable solution.



  • Weight Limit: 100 tons
  • Maximum Spanning Distance: 35′
  • Total Length: 40′
  • Matting: TerraLam® 500 bearing mats and TerraLam® 700 decking


  • Weight Limit: 65 tons
  • Maximum Spanning Distance: 50′
  • Total Length: 56′
  • Matting: TerraLam® 500 bearing mats and TerraLam® 700 decking
Easy Delivery

TerraCross 40 ships to the site using just one truck, reducing fuel and CO2, and the TerraCross 56 ships on two trucks. Both portable bridges are installed with traditional equipment commonly on-site. This unique temp bridging system can be rapidly set up to help save time and save money through efficient shipping.

TerraCross FAQs

Lightweight TerraCross temporary bridges require fewer trucks for delivery, reducing fuel usage and CO2 emissions compared to other solutions. The TerraCross 40’ can be shipped to your site using just one truck, and the TerraCross 56 ships on two trucks.

  • TerraCross 40 has a maximum clear span of 35’ and weight capacity of 100 tons.
  • TerraCross 56 has a maximum clear span of 50’ and weight capacity of 65 tons.

Prior to deploying the portable bridge to your site, our quality assurance team uses a 26-point inspection to ensure it is field ready.

In addition to providing a safer solution to creek, ditch or ravine crossings, the TerraCross Portable Bridge can be utilized as an airbridge when crossing underground pipeline with heavy equipment.

Yes. OSHA-compliant handrails are pinned to the temporary bridge.

Due to the critical importance of proper installation, it is recommended that the TerraCross system be installed by a Sterling field operations team. If you want your crew to install the TerraCross portable bridge, a Sterling site advisor must be on site to supervise the installation and breakdown.

All sites must be reviewed and/or inspected by trained Sterling personnel prior to rental agreement.

The TerraCross Temporary Bridging system is easily installed with standard equipment used to create temporary access roads like excavators and front-end loaders.

Depending on the soil conditions and grade change, additional bearing components, soil testing, and/or site preparation may be required. These conditions will be identified during the site review and inspection.

The strength and integrity of the TerraCross design are based on the engineering properties of the TerraLam mat, therefore, it is an integral component of the TerraCross Temporary Bridge system relative to both the bearing surface and the main travel deck. Installing TerraLam with other mats will compromise the safety of the unit.

Installation time depends on several factors, such as site access, soil conditions, and geography. Under ideal installation conditions, the complete system can be installed in as little as two hours to less than one full day.

All components of the TerraCross 40 can be shipped on a single standard flat bed. The TerraCross 56 will ship on two standard flatbeds.

TerraCross portable bridge is only available for rent at this time, with a minimum rental duration. Your Sterling Account Manager will work with you to ensure we are meeting your site access needs.

The TerraCross Temporary Bridge system is an engineered and certified product. Your Sterling Account Manager can provide proof of certification as needed prior to installation.

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