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Download Recorded Webinars: Site Access Best Practices Webinars

When it comes to site access, there are considerations that can safeguard your employees, make your project run smoother, and save you time and money – all while protecting the environment.

During these recorded sessions, our subject matter experts will discuss matting budget and scope of work, environmental accountability, and safety considerations.

Webinar 1

Make Your Matting Budget Work Harder

Smart, well-designed site access helps you stay on schedule, avoid safety shutdowns, prevent unnecessary equipment damage, minimize damage to the site, and avoid end-of-project budget surprises.

Topics covered:

  •  Developing a scope of work
  •  Considerations for different stages of the project
  •  Minimizing up-front costs
  •  Reducing restoration costs

The Presenter:

Kristin Stiltner, Strategic Account Manager at Sterling


Webinar 2

Understanding Environmental Accountability

Learn how to simplify your approach in developing access plans with guidelines that will address common stakeholder and environmental concerns. 

Topics Covered:

  •  Preserving Landowner Property
  •  Navigating Wetlands
  •  Planning for Invasive Species
  •  Protected Species

The Presenter

Jon Keener, Environmental Manager at Sterling


Webinar 3

Safety: Protecting Your People and Your Bottom Line

Learn how best practices in safety can help improve your bottom line by reducing delays and keeping projects on schedule.

Topics Covered:

  •  Reducing traffic hazards 
  •  Protecting mat installation crews
  •  Sub-contracting matting services
  •  Creating safe and reliable work areas 

The Presenter:

Leanne Meyer, Vice President of Environmental, Health, and Safety at Sterling