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Download Recorded Webinars: Site Access Best Practices Webinars

Site access is the foundation upon which successful utility, pipeline, and civil construction projects are built. There are considerations that can safeguard your employees, make your project run smoother, and save you time and money – all while protecting the environment.

Sterling is proud to offer 3 information sessions through a free webinar series. During these recorded sessions, our subject matter experts will discuss matting budget and scope of work, environmental accountability, and safety considerations.

Webinar 1

Make Your Matting Budget Work Harder

When it comes to site access, proper planning – along with the mats you choose – play critical roles in the success and profitability of your project. Smart, well-designed site access helps you stay on schedule, avoid safety shutdowns, prevent unnecessary equipment damage, minimize damage to the site, and avoid end-of-project budget surprises.

Topics covered:

  •  Developing a scope of work
  •  Considerations for different stages of the project
  •  Minimizing up-front costs
  •  Reducing restoration costs

About the Presenter: Kristin Stiltner, Strategic Account Manager at Sterling, focuses on building relationships across multiple tiers of management in the electrical utility industry. She delivers a superior customer experience through scoping and assessing site access needs and ensuring work is completed safely, on time and on budget. She received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from St. Joseph College.


Webinar 2

Understanding Environmental Accountability

Navigating the requirements to be a good steward of the environment can seem overwhelming.  Learn how to simplify your approach in developing access plans with guidelines that will address common stakeholder and environmental concerns. 

Topics Covered:

  •  Preserving Landowner Property
  •  Navigating Wetlands
  •  Planning for Invasive Species
  •  Protected Species

About the Presenter:  Jon Keener is the Environmental Manager at Sterling. He has more than 28 years of experience as a wetland regulator, biologist, project manager, and consultant in the utility industry. He received his master’s degree from Texas A&M University-Kingsville in Range and Wildlife Management and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in Wildlife Management. 


Webinar 3

Safety: Protecting Your People and Your Bottom Line

Nothing matters more than the health and safety of the people out on the job site.  Worker injuries, damage to equipment, and poor ROW management can put your project and your reputation at risk.  Learn how best practices in safety can help improve your bottom line by reducing delays and keeping projects on schedule.

Topics Covered:

  •  Reducing traffic hazards 
  •  Protecting mat installation crews
  •  Sub-contracting matting services
  •  Creating safe and reliable work areas 

About the Presenter: Leanne Meyer is the Vice President of Environmental, Health, and Safety at Sterling. Prior to joining Sterling, she spent more than 18 years as an environmental and safety professional in the oil and gas industry at companies including Amoco Oil, Northern Natural Gas, and MarkWest Energy. Leanne is a certified Professional Engineer and chairperson of the Pipeline Research Council International. She has a master’s degree in civil engineering from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa.