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Site Access Planning

Get the Best Plan for Your Project

Whatever your project requirements and budget may be, our team of site access experts will find the perfect match of equipment, mats, and technology. Based on our assessment of the site, scope, and work needed, we’ll develop a comprehensive site access plan that addresses the project challenges — safely and efficiently.

Client Consultation

The first step in site access planning is to review the scope of work with your Sterling project manager/estimator. We’ll discuss conditions such as landowner concerns, easement, or right-of-way (ROW) requirements, environmental permits, and other project issues that need special attention to prevent delays, unexpected costs, and safety risks. By fully understanding your project’s requirements, we can find the solution that best meets your needs.

Desktop Review of Site

We conduct an initial review using digital mapping technology and other available data to identify access entry points, environmental, and topographical features to develop your site access plan and determine the quantity and type of mats needed. Frequently, we discover off-ROW access opportunities, such as existing farm field roads that may minimize the number of mats needed to reach the construction site.

Field Verification of Site Conditions

We then conduct a field verification of your site conditions, opportunities, and constraints identified during the desktop review. This walk-through is critically important because it gives us visual confirmation of conditions observed during desktop review and ensures your access plan is accurate. This also minimizes the need for costly change orders during the project.

Preliminary Access Plan

Using all the data collected thus far, we collaborate with you to create a comprehensive construction site access plan, complete with customized mapping for clear communication to your team and any other interested parties.

Finalize Mapping and Develop Project Budget

We submit the final construction site access plan and budget for your review. It will detail a plan that offers the most reliable, efficient construction of the project. We’ll meet with you when we submit our project proposal to explain our approach and ensure that all your project needs are being met. Once approved, the plan becomes your “living tool” to ensure the project stays on time and on budget.