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The time and money saving difference between Terralam CLT mats and bolted access mats

Cross-Laminated Timber mats like Sterling’s TerraLam®  are the next step in the evolution of site access and ground protection mats. At their core, they serve the same function, to help create access to and around your work site. However, their construction is vastly different which set them apart in terms of cost, safety, and ease of use. Bolted access mats use bolts, screws, or other mechanical fasteners to secure various hardwood boards to one another in a 3-ply lattice-like pattern.

TerraLam CLT mats are an engineered access mat that only uses grade 2 or better southern yellow pine boards with a proprietary and environmentally-safe adhesive. Boards are laid perpendicular to create a solid and consistent gap-free three-ply mat in an automated manufacturing environment. These engineered TerraLam mats meet our stringent quality controls specifications. 


TerraLam CLT Mats Are Smarter All Around 

Terralam CLT mats are a smarter and more cost-effective site access solution than bolted access mats for a variety of reasons. The Lighter, Faster, and Longer Lasting TerraLam mats reducing the number of trucks needed to deliver your mat road by up to 60% saving you significant dollars on your next project. Because the TerraLam is faster to install on the right-of-way, you will spend up to 40% fewer machine and labor hours installing and moving the mats saving you tremendous time and money.

Because of their solid construction, TerraLam CLT mats are less likely to cause tripping and puncture injuries. Water can’t penetrate the TerraLam mat like it can with the lattice-like structure of bolted access mats. This solid construction minimizes the mud and water pumping along the right-of-way and discourages potential invasive species transfer between work sites. 

TerraLam mats are just a smarter all around site access and ground protection mat. This easy-to-read infographic shows how TerraLam CLT outperforms bolted access mats at every turn:

TerraLam 300 versus bolted access mats

Click for a High Res Version


Sterling is here to save you time and money on your next site access project with TerraLam CLT mats.

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