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Sterling’s timber crane mats are constructed with dense hardwood or solid Douglas Fir timbers. Their design features include narrow notches, exposed lifting bolts on each end, countersunk nuts, and flush-cut long bolts. They are constructed with dense hardwood or solid Douglas fir timbers.

What are Crane Mats Used For?

Crane mats are often used to provide stability for cranes during heavy lifts, especially in the renewable energy (wind) industry, where construction includes lifting the ultra-heavy components of wind turbines. They are frequently used on jobsites in the oil and gas, electric utility, and civil construction industries during the construction of pipelines, bridges, and powerlines.

Crane Mat Specs

Width: 24″ to 96″
Thickness: 12″
Length: 16′ to 40′
1-1/4″ Diameter Lifting Bolts (Both Ends)
Wax Lumber Paint on Both Ends
Available in Dense Hardwood or Douglas Fir