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How Sterling Helps in Emergency Situations

In emergency scenarios, the importance of reliable access solutions cannot be overstated. Our mats play a vital role in stabilizing ground conditions, ensuring the safety of workers, and expediting the restoration process. Our customer service team is available to take calls 24 hours a day to serve your emergent work needs. And when the threat of severe weather becomes apparent, our crews are ready to quickly develop and implement a safe and reliable site access plan that will get your team onsite to restore power quickly – even in flooded or frozen areas. Here’s what you can expect when you call on Sterling for post-storm support:

  • We will gather information to determine the workforce, equipment, and products you will need to complete critical emergency restoration services.
  • You are assigned a project manager and field operations team who will respond to the location as soon as possible.
  • At the jobsite, the foreman and crew work with your safety team to ensure that we follow all protocols.
  • Our 24/7 logistics team will coordinate the prompt shipment of mats and equipment to your jobsite.
Downed Powerlines

Fast mat delivery is crucial to provide stable ground for crews working to restore electricity during emergency situations. Our mats ensure that repair teams can access and fix powerlines quickly and safely.

Tornado-Damaged Property

After tornadoes, reconstructive efforts require reliable access to devastated areas. Our mats provide the necessary support for heavy equipment and construction vehicles, facilitating fast and efficient rebuilding operations.


Flooded areas pose significant dangers and challenges. Proper site access is critical for the reconstruction and repair of damaged areas. Our mats ensure safe and stable pathways for workers and machinery under these hazardous conditions.

Benefits of Sterling Site Access Solutions and TerraLam Mats

Lightweight Design: TerraLam mats are lighter than competing wood mats, reducing the truckloads required and delivering up to 2x the linear footage per load and unloading 2x as fast.

High Production Capacity: As the world’s largest CLT manufacturer, Sterling can produce TerraLams quickly, with many ready for immediate dispatch within hours.

Environmental Protection: TerraLams help protect the environment better than other mats, which is crucial in post-storm areas where the ground could be already impacted.

Terralam CLT Mats - Less Weight, More Savings

Get Emergency Assistance

Sterling’s emergent restoration and post-storm support services are designed to meet the urgent needs of disaster relief operations efficiently and effectively. Trust our rapid response and quality solutions to help you restore and rebuild with confidence. Contact is at 708.388.2223.

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